The First Simple and Complete
Connectivity Management Solution

Users, routers and your LTE connection to the Internet,
manage them all from the cloud.

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Affordable, Dependable, and Cloud­-Based
Every business should be able to protect its data and its users.

so, what is it?

A simple and intuitive way to manage how and when people connect to your network.

Our cloud­-based system provides individual user credentials and allows you to control when users are allowed to connect while monitoring data usage. We even provide an Internet Failover path to ensure uptime.

Uceem's Dashboard

User and Network Management

Manage your Wi-Fi and wireless networks with Uceem's complete and intuitive dashboard.


Internet Failover

Ensure business continuity with wireless broadband (LTE) when your wired broadband connection has a hiccup.


Usage Trends and Analytics

Know who connected when, how much data is being used and when your primary Internet connection failed.

why is it important?

Your connection to the Internet is critical to running your business. Securing who can use that connection is just as important - Uceem provides the most complete and easy to use set of tools available to do just that at a price that will make you smile.

Secure, Accessible, and Intuitive. Connectivity management done right.

Uceem's connectivity management suite is designed to be used by anyone, not just seasoned IT professionals. Set up your Internet failover and secure access in minutes, not days.

Ensure your Internet connection. Manage your usage.
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